Russian “Tourists” arrested in Chad

A group of about ten tourists was arrested on June 15 in Faya-Largeau, before being transferred to the capital N’Djamena. The tourists are from Mir Nash,  “The World is Ours,” a world expedition formed in 2015 by Alexander Kamerzanov, a Russian traveler.

The group was picked up because they were in a military operational zone, according to national police spokesperson Amane Issac Azina. Azina said they had not broken any laws and had not been arrested, but rather evacuated to the capital N’Djamena for their own safety. However, the government also confiscated their devices and documents. After being held about a week in a hotel in N’Djamena, the Chadian government apologized for what happened to the Mir Nash group, and according to one source, they were scheduled to be released on June 23.

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Hope N. Pekin

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