Eight Governors in Chad replaced by CMT President.

CIA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

On the 27th of June, 2021, Military Transitional Council President, General Mahamat Idriss Deby signed decree #087 replacing eight Chadian provincial governors.

  • Province of Batha, Mr. DJIMTA BERGON, replacing Mr. MAHAMAT AHMAT KARAMBAL, called to other functions.”
  • Province of Bourkou, Mr. ISMAT ISSAKHA ACHEIKH, replacing Mr. AHMAT KARDAYO HISSEIN, called to other functions.”
  • Province of West Ennedi (Ennedi-Ouest), Mr. KALLI ALI ANNI replacing Mr. AHMAT HISSEIN MOUGOUNI, called to other functions.”
  • “Province of Guera, Mr. SOUGOUR MAHAMAT GALMA replacing Mr. ADAGO YACOUB, called to other functions.”
  • “Province of Kanem, Mr. OUSMAN BRAHIM DJOUMA replacing Mr. HASSAN TERAP, called to other functions.”
  • “Province of Ouaddai, Mr. AHMAT DARI BASINE replacing Mr. ABADI SAYIR FADOUL, called to other functions.”
  • “Province of Wadi-Fira, Mr. AHMAT ABDALLAH TOUNISSI replacing Mr. ISSAKHA AHMAT ARDJA, called to other functions.”
  • General Goverment Delegation to the Munipality of N’Djamena, Executive Officer, Mr. BRAHIM SEID MAHAMAT replacing Mr. FOUGBOU DJIBERT YOUNOUS

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