Chadian employees of Exxon-Mobil on strike

The Chadian employees of Exxon-Mobil went on strike on June 25th following the sale of all Exxon-Mobil stocks in Chad to Savannah Energy.

Employees say a strike was decided upon after Exxon-Mobil’s refusal to have severance negotiation talks following the sale of Exxon stocks to the British oil company Savannah Energy. Chadian employees are unsure of their future after the sale of the stocks and want to preserve their “social rights”. Exxon-Mobil has been active in exploiting the oil resources in Doba, Chad, since 2003. Since the announcement of the strike a third of the production in the Exxon-Mobil facilities has been suspended. Employees say:

“We expressed our demands in six points, which we communicated to management. But despite the mediation of two members of the government and the labor inspectorate, we met with contempt and have decided to act “

Employee on strike interviewed by RFI

This unprecedented move by Exxon-Mobil has yet to be explained though possibly influenced by the current security situation in Chad and terminates 18 years of business in the country.

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